Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Matt & Kim

Matt and Kim! If you never heard of them, don't worry! Most people haven't! Now, this isn't a post of "oh em gee, im so hepster i new bout matt&kim b4 u did". No, fuck that. I love introducing people into new music regardless of it's popularity. They got some spotlight when their video "Daylight" was featured on MTV. It's quite a neat video/song (link:Matt&Kim-Daylight). I'll admit, they were somewhat of a one hit wonder in the mainstream media. Nonetheless, their music brilliant. It's very upsy, joyous and makes you feel pumped. I learned about Matt and Kim around 06' when I went to a show in San Diego. It was at a real small venue called Che Cafe, they were the headliners, mind you this was way before they made it on MTV. Anyway, people mainly went to see Matt&Kim, their set was amazing. They are so much fun live, I remember they covered DeadPrez-Hip-Hop,  it was brilliant. I have yet to find a video/song of this cover by Matt&Kim. The fact that it was a small venue made it better, people were cramped together, jumping,dancing, singing along, throwing their fists up in the air. If you ever get a chance to see them live, you should, I can vouch that it will be a very fun show!

Heres some live footage of the show I went to back in 07'. Enjoy

You might also want to check out some of their tunes! (Matt&Kim-Silver Tiles) (Matt&Kim- Lessons Learned) <--- Personal fav.


SOPA, I'm sure everyone has heard of this lately, if you have not, shame on you! Time for you to get out of your mancave and inform yourself. If you're aware of what's going, kudos to you good sir/lady. In short, SOPA is a legislation bill in United States where lobbyers from big corporations are pushing the government to censor and have more control over what is posted on the internet. In other words, prevent you from watching Family guy clips on YouTube, stop you from using copyrighted images on your blog, and most importantly torrenting.
In case you weren't aware, YOU have the power to stop this bill from becoming law. If you're a U.S citizen it is your right to demand your congressman/legislator to oppose this bill. If you're too lazy to write or call your state representative, shame on you. But there's a lazyman way of doing this.
Go to this website: and they somewhat do it for you! All you gotta do is submit your name,email address,home address and your zipcode. It won't take much of your time but it sure may save you a lot of annoyance in the near future.

So please! For the sake of the Internet! Do your part! The internet should not be censored, regulated or be controlled by a government.

In case you haven't noticed, Wikipedia has "shut down". Not really, you can easily bypass this, simply do this:
>Browser preferences
>Disable Javascript

I'm not sure if this works on other sites, I know for a fact that it works on Wikipedia.
Remember, stay cool interwebz!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All

Ahh, the overly hyped/controversial rap group OFWGKTA. I want clear something out, I like OFWGKTA. Strangely enough, I find their lyrics quite enjoyable. Despite their "offensive/expicit" lyrics, I think they bring something new to the industry. Something different from mainstream rap or music playing on the radio. But unfortunately, I have not heard one song from OFWGKTA be played on the radio, at least not in my region (theNorthwest). These guys gained pretty much overnight success. Following their video "Yonkers" being showed on MTV, and their MTV award, a band of bandwagoneers began to ride what I like to call the "OFWGKTA bandwagon." I for one could care less about these bandwagoneers, I know they will get off sooner or later. Call me a hipster but I've been listening to these guys for a while, and I am happy that they are being recognized for their talent. Hey, Tyler the Creator himself said he wanted to be on MTV. Some have called him a sellout, I call him a genius. He's making money, he is staying true to himself, he isn't taking shit from anybody and his music hasn't changed. I've introduced his music to some friends, and their reaction was priceless. They thought that it was sick, not in the context of being "cool" but as in sick, eery, repulsive but someway enjoyable. What are your thoughts on these guys? Are their 15 minutes of fame up? Or will they continue to produce successful music?

Here two of my favorite songs from Tyler the Creator: (Tyler the Creator-Her) (Tyler the Creator- Sandwitches)

I'm so oblivious when it comes to girls I like (personal)

I can easily spot when a girl is being flirty, or likes someone. I can read their body language and the vibe they give off.
But when it comes to a girl I like, I’M FUCKING BLIND. I can’t tell if she’s being nice or flirty, if she likes me or just a friend. My friends tells me that she’s into me,but I just can’t tell ! So I never bother making a “move”. Then later on when I stop trying, I think back and look at the signs, I feel stupid for not picking up the signs.

“all my niggas got they bitches and stuff
but all the bitches, they fuck
i know these bitches is sluts
but she’s special, i know to ya’ll i come off as rough
but i’m the nicest to her, and i just want to concur
a relation, i want the cheesy dates at the movies
and stupid walks at the beach, and sharin’ straws in a cup
i never had that, so when we holdin’ hands walkin’ home
i look past that, the fact she’s fucking guys that i hate
Damn, I met this girl at beginning of my fall quarter, wait no, we had met before, not reall. Rewind, three months back. After school, in high school, she was tutoring my ex girlfriend, we exchange glances, not once nor twice, more than I can remember.

Fast forward to my first night at the dorms. I see her, she seems familiar but I couldn’t quite pin point where I had seen her before. Agh why bother writing about her? Long story short, she led me on and played me. Wow, never had I felt like an idiot when I realized she was just playing me. She seemed so… pure and innocent.

That's college dating to you, fucking eh.