Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm so oblivious when it comes to girls I like (personal)

I can easily spot when a girl is being flirty, or likes someone. I can read their body language and the vibe they give off.
But when it comes to a girl I like, I’M FUCKING BLIND. I can’t tell if she’s being nice or flirty, if she likes me or just a friend. My friends tells me that she’s into me,but I just can’t tell ! So I never bother making a “move”. Then later on when I stop trying, I think back and look at the signs, I feel stupid for not picking up the signs.

“all my niggas got they bitches and stuff
but all the bitches, they fuck
i know these bitches is sluts
but she’s special, i know to ya’ll i come off as rough
but i’m the nicest to her, and i just want to concur
a relation, i want the cheesy dates at the movies
and stupid walks at the beach, and sharin’ straws in a cup
i never had that, so when we holdin’ hands walkin’ home
i look past that, the fact she’s fucking guys that i hate
Damn, I met this girl at beginning of my fall quarter, wait no, we had met before, not reall. Rewind, three months back. After school, in high school, she was tutoring my ex girlfriend, we exchange glances, not once nor twice, more than I can remember.

Fast forward to my first night at the dorms. I see her, she seems familiar but I couldn’t quite pin point where I had seen her before. Agh why bother writing about her? Long story short, she led me on and played me. Wow, never had I felt like an idiot when I realized she was just playing me. She seemed so… pure and innocent.

That's college dating to you, fucking eh.


  1. I know what you feel man, I had almost same situation with the girl I had a crush on. There are billions of women in this world, I hope you will catch a good one.

  2. All over this...same way Lol. I cant tell when women are all over men but I can't tell when it comes to myself...thankfully my GF made it obvious! LoL Followed brother /b/logger!!