Wednesday, January 18, 2012


SOPA, I'm sure everyone has heard of this lately, if you have not, shame on you! Time for you to get out of your mancave and inform yourself. If you're aware of what's going, kudos to you good sir/lady. In short, SOPA is a legislation bill in United States where lobbyers from big corporations are pushing the government to censor and have more control over what is posted on the internet. In other words, prevent you from watching Family guy clips on YouTube, stop you from using copyrighted images on your blog, and most importantly torrenting.
In case you weren't aware, YOU have the power to stop this bill from becoming law. If you're a U.S citizen it is your right to demand your congressman/legislator to oppose this bill. If you're too lazy to write or call your state representative, shame on you. But there's a lazyman way of doing this.
Go to this website: and they somewhat do it for you! All you gotta do is submit your name,email address,home address and your zipcode. It won't take much of your time but it sure may save you a lot of annoyance in the near future.

So please! For the sake of the Internet! Do your part! The internet should not be censored, regulated or be controlled by a government.

In case you haven't noticed, Wikipedia has "shut down". Not really, you can easily bypass this, simply do this:
>Browser preferences
>Disable Javascript

I'm not sure if this works on other sites, I know for a fact that it works on Wikipedia.
Remember, stay cool interwebz!


  1. I don't engage in piracy but I am anti-SOPA

  2. I'm all over this anit-SOPA stuff...its not the right way to fight the problem.

  3. The cause i sacred, all as one against SOPA!!

  4. SOPA is real bad thing... This shows how deep our society has fallen

  5. SOPA is impossible to be done.. i mean seriously.... when noone wants how the fuck they gonna keep it? and thanks for the trick .. thank god i have slow connection and i figured it out after i saw the blackness to cover all :P

    make sure u check back my blog..